Rajput Status in Hindi: Collection of Best Rajput Attitude Status in Hindi

Are you a Rajput or a Raja, and proud of your cast? As Rajput, you must want Rajput status in Hindi for your social profiles. Explore our collection of royal Rajput attitude statuses and quotes in both English and Hindi. Feel free to use these captivating expressions on your WhatsApp and Facebook profiles.

Here are the most famous Rajput Status in Hindi

Thand ? unko lagati ha jinaky Karmo mein daag ? ha!! Hum to raajapoot hain, hamaare khoon mein bhee aag hai!!

Karke Block sochatee? hogee Miss karta hoga, #Rajapoot?toh giry hue Paise? nahee uthaty, too? to phir bhee #chavanne? hai.??

We are Rajput We break bones not hearts!!

Na Rajput, Gira Na Rajput Ki Shaan Giri, Par Rajput ko girany ma loog kaii bar giry?

Kahaniyan to chotay motay Raja logoun ki likhi jati Hain
Hum to Rajput Hain, Hamara to itihas likha jayga!!

Rajpoot? jo pahen? lete hai bas style? ban jaata hai?

Those who born to win and live to conquer are known as Rajput.

Ham vo sher hain jis ke ghupha mai logon ke any ke nishan hoty hai per jany ke nahii ?

Now it’s your turn to make them proud.
Rajputs look silent from outside, but they keep the storm inside.

Ham Rajpoot? hain hamen doston ko jazbaat dikhana ata hai aur dushmano? ko unkee Aukaat✊ dikhana ata hai??

Every step you take is supported by your ancestors. They made you proud.

Thand ? unko lagati ha jinaky Karmo mein daag ? ha!! Hum to raajapoot hain, hamaare khoon mein bhee aag hai!!

Chand ki kahani likhi sitaroun nay
Pholoun ki kahani likhi baharoun nay
Rajput nhi kalam k ghulam
Rajputoun ki kahani likhi talvaroun nay

Rajput Larna To Janta hai per jukna nahi ?

Rajputana Status in English

Rajput! is not just a word,
It is the sign of rich culture and fearless attitude!

If we compare the antiquity and illustrious descent of the dynasties which have ruled, and some which continue to rule, the small sovereignties of Rajasthan, with many of celebrity in Europe, superiority will often attach to the Rajput.

You can watch me, mock me, block me or join me.
What you cannot do is stop me!!

You want to fight, I will bring a war.

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